Body Measurements

"-Why do I have to struggle choosing my size on every brand?"

"-Why don't they make a global agreement and unify it?"

... Yes we know. Unluckily we don´t have an answer, but we try our best to make things easy for you.

We created a single table based on body measurements for you to choose your size for any of our products. We know that most people won´t fit exactly within the range of the 3 measurements we give but don´t worry, natural variety makes the world richer.

"-How to use it?"

Take the 3 body measurements as shown. As we mentioned you may find that your Chest/Bust or Hip are not exactly within one size range but don´t worry. When ordering the lower parts such as pants, tights ... take the size best matching with your hip measurement. And when you order the top part; t-shirts, singlets, windstoppers ... select the size that best matches with your Chest/Bust.