[Inside the HTV CUP] - Day 1: First Cycling Race in the World after Covid-19

by Javier Sardá - @jjavisp

Inside the HTV CUP - First cycling race in the world after covid-19

Photo: HTV Thể Thao

Hot inaugural stage with a 'feels like' temperature of 44 degrees, that really affected many riders. My team and I started working from the start and let two riders escape. We controlled them [during the initial part of the stage] so that they would not go too far.

Once they reached the first intermediate sprint, we managed to catch them in the second one. Last laps we controlled the pack to launch the sprint.

At the end my team didn’t get the win, but we got second. We are happy we did a good job, and only a pedal off at wrong moment stopped us from winning on Ho Chi Minh birthday anniversary.