[Inside the HTV CUP] - Day 8: Long stage until Quy Nhon

by Javier Sardá - @jjavisp

Photo: Huỳnh Văn Thuận

After yesterday's break, today we had a long 185 km stage with the finish line in Quy Nhon.

At the beginning we had a minor storm that stopped after a while and didn't influence on the stage.

Like every start, there were many attempts of escaping without any control by any team. In the km 80, a group of 5 riders, including one of my teammates, managed to take a gap from the peloton. The leader's team controlled the big group and allowed the 5 riders the lead, that at the end of the stage would fight for the victory, with my teammate Ho Vu winning.

Photos: HTV Thể Thao

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