[Inside the HTV CUP] - Day 6

by Javier Sardá - @jjavisp

Photo: Như Huy

After the Hai Van Pass stage, we had again another meandering stage with a short but hard hill and an extremely dangerous descent.

From the starting line the attacks began like every day, but none could open a distance from the peloton, until at the km 35 one rider managed to escape on his own.

Afterwards, Bikelife team decided to take control to compete for the mountain points. Once we were at the foot of the scoring hill, all the group was compact. After a few attacks by them, I decided to counter attack from the first incline. I made a gap and managed to get first on top of the hill, which allowed me to descent calmly.

After a few kilometers after the descent, I was caught by two Bikelife riders and later by a small group of 25 riders. Behind, there was a big crash, which affected many teammates.

We were affected at the end of the stage by that crash, and even we tried to control the group, we didn't avoid that a small group of 7 riders arrived with 14 seconds of advantage.

Photos: Cycling News

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