[Inside the HTV CUP] - Day 5: Hai Van Pass

by Javier Sardá - @jjavisp

Photo: Cycling News

Today, a small group got escaped right from the start. The Bikelife team set the pace & controlled them until the beginning of the Hai Van Pass.

At the beginning of the climb, the team stretched the big group and increased the pace until 5km before Hai Van Pass top. From there, only a few cyclists were left, until 3,5km before reaching the summit, I decided to try on my own. I reach the summit first on my own, but at the end of the descent, I got caught by 4 other cyclists.

There wasn't much understanding between us 5, and about 10km left for the end of the stage, we were caught by another group.

The last kilometres were a bit chaotic: there were many attempts to escape, until a group of 5 cyclists managed to get a 9 second advantage from the rest and compete for the victory between them, with one of my teammates getting the second spot.

Photos: Cycling News