[Inside the HTV CUP] - Day 4: Critérium in Huế

by Javier Sardá - @jjavisp

Photo: Cycling News

Today, Critérium.

20 laps.

Right from the start we controlled the pack and we allowed a few small cyclists to get in front of the race, but we controlled them good. During the last 8 laps we started to accelerate and brought down the small group in front of the pack, while not allowing any more cyclist to try.

Once the group was all back together, we set up the pace and controlled it until the last lap, where we tried to break up and surprise the rest of the teams. However, we got caught. Even though, during that moment of uncertainty, we managed to rattle the leader, and get the victory of our sprinter, Lê Nguyệt Minh.

Photo: HTV Thé Thao