Fabric and Pattern performance

MUDE provides a wide range of materials and patterns to achieve the best possible performance for your outfits.

Each sport discipline requires different performance standards which is why we have a wide range of fabrics to cover each and every individual need.

To get the best performing gear let our team recommend the most suitable pattern and fabric combination.


Breathable fabric lets sweat and air pass through for a more comfortable feeling, enhancing the athletes performance.

Our own special fabric structure and treatment which provides our clothing with the following properties :

Sweat Absorption

Sweat is absorbed and removed to the surface of the fabric by capillary action.

Quick dry

Special treatment accelerates the sweat evaporation.

More properties that you can also find in our fabrics

Anti Bacterial

Treatment with silver nanoparticles to prevent bacteria remaining and growing on the fabric.

UV Protection

Fabric with UV protection range over +50

Ultra light

Outfit made with fabric below 100gr/m2. Providing the best skin experience and best technical performance.


Fabrics built with Spandex thread which ensure 4 way elasticity. To ensure maximum fitting and returns to original position at any time.

Wide range of thickness and compression levels


Fabric with high compress spandex, and patterns designed to provide high compress features.


Fabric made from post-consumer recycled material. 100% safe for your skin with 100% same performance as the non-recycled source materials.


Fabric dyed or printed with Neon/Fluor colors for better visibility during low light outdoor training.


Products colored by digital sublimation technique, that offers an unlimited range of colors in high definition. This technique results in unaffected fabric features and performance.

3D Ergonomic

Garment created with 3D patterns. Specially designed for ergonomic fitting.

Other properties that you can find in our outfits