Customized Sportswear

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MUDE ME is our sportswear customization concept. With top-of-the-line fabrics, cutting-edge production technologies, great designs and a highly qualified team, we can guarantee complete satisfaction.

As you like to practice your sport we at MUDE like to make the best outfit for you.


The best look and best performance for your team

Being avid cyclists ourselves we’ve been personally testing our products almost daily. Now recognition has arrived with top professional teams wearing our products. Cycling jerseys, bibs shorts, shorts, cycling caps, windstoppers ...


High performance fully customizable trisuits

Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, Full Ironman, World Champs… we’ve made it for them all. Front or back zipper, short sleeves or sleeveless, the MUDE range has the right gear for you. We’ve been closely working with all our champions to get top of the range trisuits at human scale prices.



Solo runner? Team runner? Get the best customized gear for you or your team

Again, you can find MUDE in almost every discipline from short to ultra-long distance races such as 4 Deserts, friendly Sunday runs to jungle marathons, and of course on daily team training. You know you are doing something well, not only when you confirm it yourself, but when others give you recognition. We produce fully customizable high-end quality running gear.



Many disciplines, different features. We cover all

Track and field competitions are the icon of the athletic contests. The heritage of ancestral sport practice.

MUDE is proud to offer best individual and team gear to practice any of the Olympic disciplines; running, jumping, throwing or combined.


Conquer it all and have fun with the best looking and best performing outfit

As passionate cyclists we participate in many cycling disciplines. The Weather and terrain in Vietnam offers us endless, unique and extreme conditions to test and improve our products. We test, re-test, improve, modify and modify again… as many times as necessary to be satisfied. Whether its a cross-country jersey, endurance gear, shorts or tech clothes for carrying water bladders… we have a full range of customizable MTB apparel.

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